(In-Home Dog Training is Temporarily not being offered at this time.  Please check out our Board & Train or Virtual Dog Training option)  One hour of practical solutions that work. Learn from Ryan, an experienced professional dog trainer who specializes in obedience, behaviour modification, and problem solving.


A better boarding experience starts with a limited number of dogs and over 2 acres of fenced-in yard to run and play.  Adventure, exploration, and relaxation all begin with a good safe social environment.  Because your dog deserves a country vacation.


Enjoy your vacation and allow your dog to come and learn quality life skills and a communication system that works.  Every dog deserves an education.  


Virtual Dog Training is a live one on one video consultation and training session via Skype or Facetime.

Client Testimonials | What Our Clients Say About Us

Hats off to Chai and her Trainer

Hats off to Chai and her trainer, there’s no doubt in my mind, whatever previous behavioural problems Chai had, these have now not only been corrected but admirably so.  Her experiences yesterday were certainly a test of her resolve to get along as well as possible with canine buddies and otherwise, and all this was accomplished by her in only just a very short time after being introduced into her new environment.  Thank you Ryan!

Wilf W.

I had Ryan help me out with training...

” I had Ryan help me out with training my dog Wallace.  Wallace is the first dog I’ve ever had so training was all new to me.  Ryan was extremely accommodating and taught Wallace as well as myself new ways of thinking.  During the time we spent with Ryan he educated us on why we want to condition certain words, how to position ourselves as well as, the treats when teaching Wallace how to follow, stay, and so-forth.  He was willing to spend time with Wallace and my sisters new puppy to show us tricks to help them play better when together.  With all the help from Ryan, Wallace can now shake a paw, stay, roll over (still in the works), and follow.  Not only has Wallace learned to do these commands he has become a much better listener to not only myself but my parents also.  With the knowledge I gained from Ryan I have taught Wallace to jump and play nice once getting too aggressive and biting.  We are extremely happy with the training Ryan provided us with and will continue to contact him in the future if need be with Wallace and/or our future pets. “

Jackie P.

Every morning started with chaos...

” Every morning started with chaos as I made my way to the door to let my 3 dogs outside.  I’m tripping over dogs, dogs are tripping over dogs, and I’m almost falling down steps to reach the door handle.  This happened every time they needed out.  I went on vacation leaving my dogs with Ryan. When I came back we took them outside.  The difference was I had to wait for my dogs!  They didn’t move until they were told they could.  Now that we’re home I notice my dogs are more patient, less demanding and respectful to me and each other.  It’s adorable to watch them as they go single file out the door when I motion that they can.  Mornings are much brighter. Thank you Ryan!” 

Patti L.

We can't thank you enough...

” We can’t thank you enough for all the extra help, constant work and continuous care with  Laila.  You have taught her how to socialize with other dogs which in a dogs world,  is very important. We know when she is with you that she is in very good hands.  Today, when I came to pick her up, something was different.  When we arrived home it was verified when she seen my husband.  Laila DID NOT jump at us.  You are always working with our pets and I sincerely thank you so much for that!  Until next time.”

Susan & Greg

We left our 3 year old Shepherd mix...

” We left our 3 year old Shepherd mix, Kimber, with Ryan Kwasnica for a week.  Kimber is a rescue dog and has gotten pretty spoiled by her humans and is not used to being left by herself for more than 4 – 5 hours.  We took Kimber to meet Ryan prior to leaving her with him.   Ryan was genuinely interested in knowing Kimber’s likes, dislikes, routines, etc.   We chose his facility to care for Kimber because of the small size of the Kennel and the fact that the Kennel is attached to the home where Ryan lives.  The warm atmosphere, soothing music playing and an artificial fire place, made the  kennel feel very homey.  While we were away, Ryan emailed us photos of Kimber playing with the other dogs being cared for as well as his own dogs.  It was evident that Kimber was having too much fun to be missing us.   Ryan’s taking the time to send us the emails put us at ease and allowed us to relax and enjoy our holiday.  We have used other kennels in the past for previous dogs and none can compare to his Kennels.   The fee for boarding was very reasonable as well.  Thanks”

Cheryl & Bruce

I cannot stop telling people how awesome...

“I cannot stop telling people how awesome it is to whistle train your dog!!  Ryan helped train me and my dogs with this method and it has been a lifesaver!  One of my dogs is very fearful when she gets out and it has given me such peace of mind knowing she will ALWAYS come when I blow her whistle, even in overstimulating trips to the dog park!  I highly recommend giving Ryan a call and getting him to train you & your dog with this!!”

Ginny L.

It's been a week now since...

“It’s been a week now since you came to our home to help us with Teddy and we just want you to know we are already seeing some significant changes. We have all become more relaxed in our home.  It’s a great start to our happy family!  Thanks so much for your help!”

Cheryl T.

Luca loved his time there!

“Luca loved his time there!  Thanks for taking such great care of him!”

Marianna T.

Highly recommend Ryan!!!

“Highly recommend Ryan!!!… He did an awesome job kennelling our puppy Chase while we went to Mexico. Will definitely bring Chase back to his second home in the future…!!!!”

Brent M.

Virtual Dog Training Sessions...

I wanted to thank Ryan for our Virtual Dog Training Lessons.  The one-on-one lessons work very well to help us train our two Cocker Spaniels in proper walking strategies.  We do the training in the driveway with one person holding the phone and the other following Ryan’s instructions.  At this time of social distancing, this is a great option to train your dog while you have time at home.

Paul B.